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Oral Steroids and Their Uses

Steroids, or corticosteroids to be precise, are a large family of medications dedicated to the removal of various inflammatory reaction occurring in the organism, and mitigation of the negative effects these reactions have on the body. Steroid medications taken by mouth take up a large portion of the market for these drugs, and are best suited for various systemic conditions where the use of local steroids such as inhalers or creams cannot deliver the desired effects.

A few key facts on oral steroids can be found in the section below:

How do Steroids Work

Much like all corticosteroid medications, oral steroids affect the way out bodies react to certain stimuli. To be specific, steroids affect the process of inflammation - a natural response of the body that enables increased blood flow and swelling of the affected area, often causing increased pain sensitivity and an array of other effects. While this process was devised by nature as the means to heal any damage or cure any ailment more rapidly, certain conditions may trigger this effect haphazardly and without any real need, producing all the negative effects without any real benefit. Oral steroids can help mitigate the symptoms of such disturbers.

Oral Corticosteroids for Arthritis

Steroids can be efficiently used to treat systemic inflammatory conditions such as arthritis without having to apply medication to every affected area individually. The upside of corticosteroids for arthritis is their convenience and the great potency of their effect, providing much sought for relief in all the affected areas for as long as the drugs are taken. The downside is that the oral steroids affect the whole body, and may produce unwanted side effects in sensitive areas of the organism.

Oral Steroids for Back Pain

Steroid pills are currently one of the most commonly prescribed treatments for low back pain caused by inflammation. They can help relieve pain in the most severe of cases, without the need to rely on local pain-killers, numbing medication, or narcotics. One of the most significant effects is that oral steroids can help to actually cure the cause of the pain, and not just remove the symptoms for a time.

Best Oral Steroid

Due to the large number of corticosteroid medications and the various conditions they are each designed to treat, it is difficult to establish a singular outstanding drug to stand atop the ladder for this class. Yet, if we were to engage in an argument as to what the best oral steroid is, we would analyze this question from 4 different angles - their effective treatment range, potency, amount of side effects, and availability. A single drug comes to mind when considering these points - its name is Prednisolone. While prednisolone is not suited to treat every inflammatory condition there is, and may not suit ever patients' needs, it is still one of the most commonly prescribed steroids in the world. If you were to try out different medications in order to find the best oral steroid, Prednisolone will likely be one of your top picks. You can find more information on this drug on the articles dedicated to it on our website.

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