Using Differin gel to Cure Acne

Differin Gel

Differin gel is a vitamin-A based acne medication, which belongs to the class of drugs known as retinoids. The therapeutic effect of this medication comes from its ability to slow down the rate at which the skin cells reproduce, "thinning" the effective amount of layers of epidermis. This allows the organism to naturally take care of deeper pockets of inflammation that would otherwise lie dormant for weeks until finally producing a pimple. As is the case with most acne medications, Differin is indicated to use in adults and children at least 12 years old.

The main qualities of this medication include:

  • Differin normalizes the growth rate of skin cells, helping to clear clogged pores;
  • As long as this medication is taken, it will prevent further clogging of pores which will allow the organism to treat any existing areas of acne;
  • Differin may take a while to completely deliver its beneficial effects - it is not a quick relief medication. To compensate that, the actual results of therapy are much more satisfying;
  • As part of its effort to completely cure acne, Differin may produce an initial worsening of existing acne before the skin will begin to clear up. If you will choose to buy Differin gel online in an attempt to cure acne, know that you will need to continue taking this medication for extended periods of time for it to work properly.
  • The side effects of Differin (adapalene gel) usually consist of nothing more that mild skin irritation, redness, itching or dryness.

Differin Acne Treatment Schedule

The following schedule will provide you with a basic impression of what to expect from the treatment with Differin. Note that this schedule does not apply to every patient; it is merely given to inform you of the process of acne treatment, with moderate to severe initial state of acne. You may experience the beneficial effects of Differin at much earlier stages then stated in the schedule, depending on the severity of your condition and diversity of problematic outbreaks (papules, lesions, whiteheads, cysts, etc.). In some cases, you may not benefit much from using this medication or it may outright inapplicable in your case. Make sure you read and acknowledge all the necessary precautions and warnings about this drug before you buy Adapalene gel online. You may need to contact your doctor to inquire if you can use this drug safely, especially if you are already using another acne medication, either oral or topical.

The schedule consists of:

Week 1 Through 3:

You will most likely notice only slight changes to the acne, or none at all. Some patients report an increase in severity of minor side effects, such as stinging and dryness, during this period.

Week 4 Through 7:

At this period most patients experience a massive escalation of their acne symptoms, with rapid development of papules and formation of cysts. However, the recovery rate of individual outbreaks is greatly increased. This is to be expected, since Differin inhibits the rate at which new skin cells are being produced, enabling the organism to "take care" of dormant pockets of infection, which would otherwise get worse and become inflamed at later stages. You may say that this process allows the organism to fight all present and concealed acne at once, hence the seeming severity of outbreaks.

Week 8 Through 9:

The majority of papules, lesions, and other areas of inflammation will most likely be gone by this time, leaving only occasional cysts or nodules to form on the most problematic patches of skin.

Week 10 Through 20:

This extended period of time indicates the process of total recovery of the skin. Some people will notice considerable improvement within the 10th or 11th week, while other will need be more patient to receive satisfactory results.

Over 20 weeks:

By this time, most patients will barely have any acne remaining. Some people may need further therapy to get rid of scarring and altered skin pigmentation, if they find it necessary. A different drug should be used for this purpose.

Application Instrucitons for Differin

Although the treatment with Adapalene is fairly simple, it still requires several easy but essential steps to be taken during the therapy. If you purchase this medication at a local store (or if you buy Adapalene gel online), you can ask the pharmacist present at the store for a complete list of instructions and general recommendations. Your doctor will also be able to provide a similar list. Alternatively, you can find a detailed instructions leaflet inside the product package, which includes a thoroughly explained step-by-step application guide.

Provided below are several of the basic steps necessary to commence the treatment with Differin:

  • Prior to every use of Differin, you should wash your face with a cleanser appropriate for your skin type, and let the skin dry out. It is not advised to use soap or soap-based cleansers as they will make the skin more dry and thus susceptible to elevated risk of developing adverse side effects;
  • It is advised to use this medication once a day, just before bedtime;
  • Apply a thin, film-like layer of Differin gel on the skin, gently spreading it over the problematic areas. Try not to rub the gel in too roughly;
  • While some patients may experience improvement of acne just by applying this medication on the most severely affected areas (e.g. directly on pimples, legions, cysts, etc.), it is best to cover the entire problematic area to ensure that any dormant pockets of infection can be brought to the surface of the skin and treated appropriately;
  • It may take some time for this medication to start clearing up the skin. At first, you may experience moderate to severe worsening of your acne, which will gradually clear up over 6-12 weeks. Most people will have their skin at its pristine state after approximately 2 months of treatment.

Recommendation on Using Differin Gel

Provided below are some of the basic recommendations for patients who choose Differin as their acne medication.

Make sure you thoroughly read through these directions, as well as the ones provided within the instructions leaflet included within the product package:

  • Adapalene increases your sensitivity to sunlight. Try to avoid extended exposure to the sun as well as to artificial sunlight (tanning booths, sun lamps, etc.). You may need to wear a sunscreen lotion if you absolutely cannot avoid the exposure;
  • Avoid applying this medication on delicate areas of the skin around your eyes, mouth and nostrils;
  • Do not use this medication if you are allergic to adapalene. Also, make sure you do not have allergies to any of the inactive ingredients found within the gel. To learn more about the contents of Differin, you may ask your doctor or inquire the pharmacist present at the store, whether you buy Differin gel online or purchase it locally.
  • If you have eczema, of if your skin is naturally dry and is lacking in normal skin oils and fats, you may experience more frequent and severe appearance of several adverse effects, such as stinging, itching, increased dryness, and flaking of the skin. Generally, people with eczema should avoid using this product if the areas affected by acne are also damaged by eczema.

Where to Buy Differin

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