Get Rid of Scabies with Elimite

Elimite Cream

Elimite is an anti-parasitic medication capable of completely curing the condition known as scabies, which is a type of parasitic infection of the skin.

The tiny itch mites that cause this condition are too small to be visible by eye, but their presence leaves explicit signs and produces several unpleasant symptoms that include:

  • Intense, persistent itching that is commonly worse at night;
  • Occurrence of tiny, wavy line-shaped pathways on the skin;
  • Small, inflamed lesions that may resemble rash, blisters, bumps or insect bites;

This condition can affect almost any part of the body, but in most cases certain regions are affected more than the others.

The most common areas that are affected by scabies include:

  • Finger and toe webs;
  • On top of the wrists, elbows and shoulders;
  • Armpits, belt line, upper thighs;
  • Male genitals.

The treatment of scabies is not a complicated one. Usually, no oral drugs or injections are required. Topical solutions such as creams, gels or lotions are enough to completely rid the person of this infection. Elimite cream is among the best creams created for this purpose, it combines safety, convenience and effectiveness that are required from this type of medications. It is applied once a day for two weeks, and the effects can be felt as soon as several days after the start of treatment. In most cases, it is perfectly safe to buy Elimite cream online or from your local pharmacy and treat this condition, provided you pay heed to the indicated precautions and instructions. Elimite has very few possible side effects, and serious adverse reactions to this drug are very rare.

The Necessity of Anti-Parasitic Medications

While parasitic infections of the skin do not happen as often as other types of infection, they can become the source of great distress. One of these conditions, scabies, is a skin infection with Sarcoptes scabiei mite, or itch mite. These mites are not directly visible to the eye, as they are only one third of a millimeter in size, but their line-shaped tracks, or burrows can be noticed on the affected areas of the skin. Itch mites live by mining through the outer layer of epidermis, which produces various symptoms for the infected person. If not treated promptly, itching, the main and most relentless symptom of scabies, may escalate to a degree when sleeping at night becomes impossible due to constant, aggravating irritation. Other conditions that promote skin irritation, such as eczema, skin dryness, or rash from clothing, are nowhere near as annoying as scabies can be, since their symptoms tend to come and go, while the itching from scabies simply does not go away, getting even worse at night. Once scabies is diagnosed, it is important to start treating it immediately. The longer the wait, the more mites will hatch and worsen the symptoms. Once you have been prescribed with a particular medication, for example permethrin cream (Elimite), you should start the treatment immediately. If you wish to buy Permethrin cream online, remember that it will take some time for the package to reach you, delaying the start of treatment. It is important to note that the mites that cause all of the adverse symptoms can live up to 3-4 weeks on a human body, all while laying eggs to multiply. If no treatment is applied, scabies can persist for months or even years.

Directions on Using Elimite Cream

Before you start the treatment with this medication, it is necessary to accustom yourself with the proper means of performing the daily procedure of applying the cream, as well as to learn some of the additional details regarding the therapy. You can find detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to use Elimite cream on the instructions leaflet, provided within the product package. Alternatively, you can ask your doctor or pharmacist for all the necessary information.

Provided below are some of the basic recommendation that will help perform the treatment with Elimite:

  • Apply this medication as soon as you fill your prescription or buy Elimite cream online. Your condition may worsen if no treatment is applied for extended periods of time;
  • During the initial stages of treatment, the symptoms of skin irritation (itching, redness, etc.) may worsen for short periods of time. It is important to keep using Elimite, even if you feel like it is not working as efficiently as it should. In a short while, you will start feeling better;
  • Scabies is indicated as being moderately contagious, meaning it may get transferred to another person if certain conditions are met. Scabies may be transferred through clothing or bed linens, as well as from certain household objects that have been in contact with the affected skin (e.g. sofa cushions, padded chairs, towels, washing sponges, etc.). Scabies can be contracted through sexual activity or other forms of intense physical contact (massage, etc.);

You can become reinfected by itch mites even after completing the treatment with Elimite cream - this medication does not prevent further contraction of scabies.

To avoid getting scabies again, any clothing and bed linens that have been in contact to your skin 3 days prior to completing the treatment should be purified using one of the following methods:

  1. Machine washed in water of maximum temperature allowed for the clothing material,
  2. Removed from body contact for at least 96 hours (4 days),
  3. Dry cleaned.
  • In rare cases, permethrin may not be effective against the mites. If after 15 days of treatment you do not notice any significant improvement of symptoms, you will need to schedule a meeting with your doctor to find out if the medication is working. Even if you were to buy Permethrin cream online, you will still need to consult a professional physician to make sure the mites have not become resistant to this particular drug, making it necessary to find another solution to treat the infection;

Even after you have completed the treatment with Elimite, the dead remains of mites can still cause itching for as long as 4-5 weeks. Since this itching is not caused by the mites directly, there are several medications that may help to relieve it. You doctor or pharmacist may recommend a suitable drug for this purpose.

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