Using Metrocream against Rosacea

Metronidazole Cream

Metrocream is used to treat an inflammatory condition of facial skin known as rosacea. This chronic disorder is often confused with acne and allergies, but is in fact nothing more that spontaneous swelling of blood vessels placed directly under the skin a completely harmless occurrence, medically speaking. The only major distress regarding this condition is that it may make the facial skin seem unsightly or uncared for, making the person feel self-conscious about his or her appearance. Currently, no permanent cure for rosacea has been invented yet, but Metrocream is among the few medications that can help control the symptoms, greatly limiting their severity. The main ingredient in this cream is metronidazole, an antibiotic which apparently works by suppressing the inflammatory immune system response produced in the blood vessels, relieving the symptoms. The exact mechanism of action of metronidazole is not fully understood, since there are no legitimate reasons to believe that rosacea is caused by bacteria, and the anti-inflammatory function of this drug is too sublime to research in full. Nevertheless, Metrocream is proven to be quite effective in treating this condition, all while keeping the possibility of adverse side effects to a minimum.

When you buy Metrocream online or acquire it from a local pharmacy, you may expect it to help control most if not all of the following symptoms of rosacea:

  • Blushing, redness of the face, frequent flushing;
  • Inflamed lesions or sores that resemble acne;
  • Faint stinging or burning feeling of the face;
  • Appearance of tiny, web-like dilated blood vessels on the face;
  • Eye irritation, bloodshot or teary eyes.

Pharmaceutical Means of Rosacea Treatment

Although rosacea is often referred to as a chronic, incurable condition, modern medical science allows to control the symptoms of this disorder to a degree when no visible signs are present for the patient. The therapy usually begins by visiting a dermatologist and estimating the state and severity of the patient's current condition. Rosacea may surface very differently in each particular patient's case and may also become combined with other skin conditions (acne, seasonal allergies, etc.), making it necessary to develop a wholesome and coherent treatment plan to cover all of the present symptoms. At first, most patients will be recommended to use topical drugs, adding oral antibiotics later if proven necessary.

The topical solutions usually consist of one of the following drugs:

  • Metronidazole based antibiotic creams;
  • Topical medications containing azelaic acid;
  • Vitamin A derivatives (retinoids).

While the use of these drugs will most likely calm the acute symptoms, extended treatment with some of the brands may cause skin irritation and other minor side effects. Metrocream is by far one of the most suitable drugs to treat this condition, the only downside is that its extensive use may make the skin resistant to the antibiotic, limiting its use. Note that this drug, same as any other medication, has its own set of precautions. Remember to carefully read through the instructions list if you were to buy metronidazole cream online, or purchase it from another source without first consulting a professional physician for a complete list of instructions. Regarding oral antibiotics, they may be prescribed if the patient does not benefit much from topical medications alone, and is in need of additional treatment.

Provided below are some of the facts regarding the use if these drugs in treatment of rosacea:

  • While most people associate antibiotics with their ability to fight bacteria, these drugs also possess anti-inflammatory qualities, which may benefit people trying to relieve the symptoms of Rosacea;
  • Mild antibiotics are considered first, since there is no need to actually treat any bacterial infection and thus it is not necessary to expose the organism to overly potent and impactful drugs;
  • Oral antibiotics which are usually applied in the treatment of rosacea include: doxycycline (Doryx, Oracea, Vibramycin); erythromycin (Akne-mycin); minocycline (Minocin); tetracycline (Sumycin), as well as several other drugs. You doctor may recommend other brands of antibiotics for this purpose;
  • Remember that in most cases either oral or topical antibiotics are applied. For example, if you buy Metrocream online to treat your condition, you should keep using it until results are produced, or until the drug is proven ineffective. Then and only then you should add oral antibiotics to your regimen. In rare cases you will be instructed to use both types of drugs at once, but this method should only be considered if a professional physician has recommended it for you;

Oral antibiotics will also relive eye problems and problems within the mouth cavity, which are otherwise left untreated by the topical drugs.

Basic Instructions on Using Metrocream

Metrocream is made to be very easy to use; the instructions provided within the product package usually explain all the necessary details of treatment with this drug. The most basic recommendations usually include the following:

  • This medication is applied two times a day, preferably in the morning and in the evening. You may use a cleanser before each application of Metrocream, depending on your skin type;
  • Apply Metrocream in a thin layer over the whole facial area, including the neck if you have symptoms there. It is not advised to cover the face too thickly, as it will produce no additional benefits. Nor is it recommended to apply Metrocream locally only on the affected spots on the face - that way the therapy will progress much slower and the results will be felt at much later stages;
  • In 30 minutes after you have applied the cream, you may use a moisturizer or apply cosmetics freely, it will not interfere with the treatment;
  • Metrocream may be used for as long as needed if it proves to be effective in suppressing your symptoms. Remember that this drug will not cure rosacea; it will only help temporarily contain the symptoms;
  • Serious allergic reactions to this drug are rare, but in order to completely avoid the risk make sure you are not allergic to the main active ingredient metronidazole, or to any inactive component within the cream. If you wish to know the complete list of ingredients of this drug, you may ask the pharmacist present at the store to provide you with one. This applies both to a local purchase or if you buy Metronidazole cream online;

Avoid getting Metrocream cream into the eyes. Rinse your eyes with large quantities of water if this does happen.

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