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Temovate Cream

Temovate is a steroid medication used in the treatment of various inflammatory conditions affecting the skin. This topical drug is available in several different formulations, including Temovate cream, ointment, gel, and emollient cream, all of which are designed to treat different forms of disorders for different patient conditions (e.g. skin type, symptom severity, placement of symptoms, diversity of adverse reactions, etc.). All of these formulations contain the same amount of active ingredient clobetasol - 0.05%. This steroid works by suppressing over activity of the immune system, reducing the severity of inflammatory processes within the affected tissues. Since this is a topical steroid drug, it will only be effective in the treatment of skin disorders that produce itching and inflammation (among other similar symptoms).

These disorders include:

  • Eczema, psoriasis, seborrhea;
  • Allergic reaction symptoms appearing on the skin;
  • Atopic and contact dermatitis;

Temovate is a highly potent steroid, and thus has several restrictions to its use and application. Nevertheless, it is still possible to buy Temovate cream online, should you so desire. Remember that should you choose this option, you will still require a detailed set of instructions specifically composed by a professional physician.

Use of Topical Steroids against Eczema

The treatment of a skin disorder known as eczema usually begins by asserting the severity of symptoms and finding appropriate ways to deal with them. One of the most important goals of any type of therapy intended to treat this condition is to prevent the development and worsening of rashes, and treat them promptly if they occur. A rash can develop from any external irritant that causes itching, including dust, sand, wind, coarse clothes, sunlight, dry or cold weather, and many others. Avoiding such circumstances is a sure way to relive at least part of eczema symptoms. Once a rash appears and starts stirring irritation, it is not necessary to start using medical preparations at once. Mild, placid rash can be relieved using conventional methods such as applying moisturizers or compresses to relieve the itching and allow the symptoms to alleviate naturally. However, once the first signs of inflammation occur, it becomes necessary to use anti-inflammatory drugs such as corticosteroids to fully relieve the symptoms. One of the most important aspects of using topical steroids against eczema is to apply them in perfect accordance to the provided directions. Although you can buy clobetasol ointment online (or any other type of formulation for that matter), using it properly will most likely prove challenging without the help of a licensed dermatologist. Once such instructions are provided, the treatment with steroids becomes much less hazardous - case studies show time and again that properly monitored use of these drugs will very rarely produce any serious side effects. In most cases the effectiveness of steroids is unparalleled - if you do not skip your scheduled doses, or apply less of the medication then intended, the beneficial effects will most likely show themselves within a week or two. Intermittent rashes tend to diaappear ove 2 to 3 days. You doctor will most likely want to start with a low-dose steroid if your condition does not call for the use of more potent drugs. Choosing a proper formulation is also necessary. The cream is used in over 70% of cases, which is why most stores allow to buy clobetasol cream online since this form of Temovate is the most commonly used one.

Important Details Regarding Clobetasol

While using any type of Temovate preparation, it is imperative to diligently follow the issued set of instructions and directions, allowing the therapy to commence in the intended way. Depending on your particular skin disorder, its severity and diversity of symptoms, your doctor or pharmacist may recommend specific procedures to be performed in addition to the basic application of Temovate. Even if you buy Temovate cream online, you should still consult a medical professional both to explain the details of your personal approach to the treatment, as well as elaborate on some of the details you may need to know during the therapy.

Listed below are some of the general directions intended to make your treatment with this drug as safe and effective as possible:

  • The best way to use clobetasol-based topical drugs is to apply them over short periods of time, four to seven days in a row. If further treatment is necessary, it may be required for you to wait for up two weeks before restarting another course of treatment. You doctor will be able to explain in more detail all the advantages and disadvantages of different approaches to the therapy;
  • Other medical or cosmetic preparations are often used alongside Temovate. For example, when treating eczema it is recommended to apply a moisturizer alongside the steroid cream to reduce the risk of side effects and keep the condition from spiking worse;
  • Temovate should not be applied to the sensitive areas of the skin, including face, underarms, groin, and genital area;
  • Temovate will only be effective if used according to the prescription and general directions. Whether you choose to buy clobetasol ointment online or purchase it locally, carefully read through the provided instructions and precautions before using this drug;
  • While this medication is able to suppress an overly active immune system, its excessive or prolonged use may lead to temporary weakening of your ability to resist illness and disease, possibly leading to more frequent infections;
  • Long term use of steroids may lead to serious health problems that are more likely to become permanent if the drug is applied for extended periods of time. In general, Temovate should not be applied for more than 4 weeks in a row;
  • Temovate may cause allergic reactions. If you prefer to buy clobetasol cream online, you should first make sure you do not have allergies to the active ingredient (clobetasol propionate) or to any of the inactive ingredients within the drug. Different formulations will have slightly different inactive components;

As a very potent steroid, clobetasol should be used with caution in children and teenagers. A child's skin is more sensitive and is thus capable of absorbing more of the drug then necessary, possibly resulting in various adverse reactions. Using Temovate in children should be carefully monitored by a professional dermatologist.

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