Treatment with Topical Voltaren (Diclofenac gel)

Diclofenac Gel

Voltaren is a topical non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). These drugs can help to relieve pain, swelling and inflammation caused by many various conditions and disorders without having to rely on steroid medications.

In case of Voltaren, this topical medication was specifically designed to treat the symptoms of pain and inflammation in the following conditions:

  • Back and neck pain, shoulder ache, muscle pain from overwork;
  • Various types of injury to muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments - sprains, strains, bruising, etc.;
  • Localized osteoarthritis symptoms;
  • Rheumatism (e.g. Bursitis);

Although this drug is available over the counter, it is still advised to thoroughly study the instructions leaflet included in each pack of this medication. If you would wish to buy Voltaren cream online, remember that there are different formulations of this drug available on the market, including a cream, gel and emulgel, allowing you to choose one that is more appropriate in your condition.

Considering Topical Formulations of Voltaren

The topical form of this drug was only recently introduced into the market to supplement an already existent oral form of Voltaren which was (and still is) used to treat a wide variety of ailments, including many conditions associated with joint pain, headaches, tissue swelling and inflammation. A patient survey involving the oral form of this drug suggested that many people often associate oral Voltaren with several adverse side effects, earning ill fame for it among patients and doctors. It is true that extended use of oral Voltaren could in some cases lead to kidney failure, gastrointestinal disorders or heart problems, but these risks were perfectly acknowledged and accounted for by doctors prescribing this drug. Yet, since some conditions and symptoms, such as pains and inflammation from rheumatoid arthritis, do not necessarily require the patient to become exposed to the drug by imbibing it (either orally or through an injection), a simple topical application was far safer and in many cases more effective formulation to treat these disorders. Voltaren cream, gel and emulgel do not put as much strain on the patient's organism since only minute amounts of medication will affect the tissues unintended for treatment, resulting in its acceptance as an OTC medication, enabling people to buy Voltaren emulgel online. Both formulations of these drugs are currently circulating through the market, allowing doctors to prescribe a more fitting form of treatment.

Voltaren Application Instructions

All formulations of topical Voltaren are relatively easy to use - the instructions provided with the drug are very simple and comprehensive. If by any chance you have lost the instructions leaflet included within the product case of Voltaren, or if you buy Voltaren cream online and wish to know more about the drug, listed below are some of the basic directions you may need to follow in order to effectively treat the symptoms of your condition:

  • To treat most of the indicated conditions, your should apply Voltaren to the affected area 3 times a day, rubbing the solution gently into your skin;
  • Topical Voltaren (cream, gel, emulgel) is intended to be used on the surface of the skin to relieve acute symptoms. As such, it should not be applied inside or on to the mouth, nose, eyes, rectum, vagina, or be consumed in order to provide anti-inflammatory effects;
  • Most patients notice the initial effects of the treatment within the first week of using Voltaren. If after 14 days you still do not notice any improvement in your symptoms, or if your symptoms worsen, you should temporarily suspend the treatment and either contact your doctor or use another medication;
  • You should not cover the affected areas of the skin with bandages or any other air-tight garments or medical tools after applying Voltaren. This will help to avoid exposing your organism to more of the drug than intended;
  • Do not apply this medication to damaged, irritated, or infected skin. Avoid applying in on scratched, cut, or otherwise exposed surface of the skin or on open wounds;

Voltaren may produce allergic reactions in some patients. If you are not sure if you are allergic to diclofenac (the active ingredient) or to any of the inactive components within the drug, or if you have an allergy disorder, you may need to perform several medical tests before you buy Voltaren emulgel online in order to guarantee the safety of treatment.

The Difference Between Voltaren Gel and Emulgel

There are several formulations of Voltaren available on the market. Among them, Voltaren gel and emulgel are surprisingly easy to confuse, especially if you choose to shop at online pharmacies. Some people mistakenly intend to buy Voltaren gel online only to get Voltaren emulgel, which both contain the same active ingredient. The base, gel or emulgel, is essentially the same for both products, the term "emulgel" was specifically brought up to show the slight divergence with the two drugs. The only thing that is actually different is the way the active ingredient diclofenac is composed in each formulation: Voltaren gel contains 1.16% diclofenac diethylamine, while Voltaren emulgel contains 1% diclofenac sodium. Diethylamine and sodium suffixes indicate salts that help bind diclofenac molecules into a stable form, further aiding its absorption through the skin when the medication is applied. While these bounding agents are essentially different, the actual content of the active ingredient is practically equal, meaning that the therapeutic action of either of these drugs is nearly identical. Voltaren gel and emulgel are each marketed in different countries and regions, resulting in relative scarcity of any information regarding their effectiveness while performing similar functions, since most people just either buy Voltaren gel online (or from a local store) or get Voltaren emulgel. Commonly, you will not find both of these products on the shelves of your local pharmacy near to each other since only one of them will be supplied.

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